SEEchange™ software. Smarter, faster, better design.

Our Design Session

Step 1:
Schedule a free, no-commitment session with one of our helpful designers and provide us with either the dimensions of your space or a CAD drawing.

Step 2: Want to watch your office come to life? Expect to spend about 45 minutes together online and watch while one of our designers transforms your office space in real time! No time to spare? Just provide the dimensions and we’ll do the rest. We’ll e-mail you an interactive 3D PDF to test drive the office space.

Step 3: Once you’re satisfied with what you see, your design will be manufactured and shipped in 15 business days or less!


Seeing is believing. Incredibly fast SEEchange™ design software.

What is SEEchange™ software?

SEEchange™ is our patented office design technology that allows you to work with our designers online, in real time to create a 3D layout of your ideal office furniture and workspaces.

  • How it works: office design in real time.
  • Simulate an office’s size and floor plan, and find the ideal furniture configuration, whether it's for one employee or 1,000.
  • Explore and customize furniture materials, colors, fabrics and finishes that match your taste, work style and budget.
  • Print out floor plan layouts so you can review your design selections.  
  • Confirm all pricing, delivery and installation schedules.
  • Place your order with our design specialists.

All from your computer. In your timeframe. Within your budget.


  "If you can envision it, they can build it. It's a SNAP!"

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